Friday, 30 January 2015

Our routine

I have had a number of emails asking what our routine looks like on work days. I am working on getting a printable made for our family (and I'll share that with you once it's ready), but in the meantime here is a rough outline of when we fit housework into our work days and how we attempt to get everything done. Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Last year I shared how I organised every inch of my life (literally) while I juggled working part time, being a Thermomix consultant, coordinating a Kid's Club program (called JUMP) and keeping the house tidy. Our routine looked a like this:

Now, our routine looks very different. Because I am no longer a Thermomix consultant, I have stepped down from coordinating Jump for the year and am working the same hours every day - we simply have a list of things that need to be completed before work, after work and once the boys go to bed. There is no routine for the weekend.

Here is what is on our list:

Before work: (I wake up much earlier now - earlier than I'd like to admit)

  • An hour of exercise
  • Make breakfast
  • Get dressed while the boys eat
  • Get the boys dressed
  • Make beds
  • Put lunch boxes into bags
  • Put dinner into the slow cooker
  • Make takeaway coffee
  • Quick tidy up while kettle is boiling
  • Shoes on and GO!
  • Drop boys off.

After work:
  • Pick the boys up

Once home:
  • Boil the kettle
  • Unpack bags
  • Boys have playtime while Tim and I have our daily coffee catch up in the lounge
  • Do homework
  • Serve dinner
  • Bath
  • Brush teeth
  • Playtime (until bedtime)
  • Story time
  • Bedtime for the boys

Once the boys are asleep:

  • Put dishes on.
  • Put a load of washing on.
  • Tidy up and vacuum (dinner and afternoon mess)
  • Make lunch boxes for tomorrow.
  • Prep dinner for next day.
  • Hang washing.
  • Bring in yesterday’s washing and fold/put away.
  • Down time – we normally finish the clean up by 8pm and then it’s time to relax after a big day.
There are days where things don't go to plan and we handle things a little differently then- but this is generally what we try and stick to. The only advice I really have is to find what works for your family. Every family is different. We all have different jobs, children of different ages and families with different needs. I find doing a load of dishes and a load of washing every day keeps the housework from building up and it keeps our weekend free. There are many nights that I come home drained and completely unmotivated to do any of the house jobs that need to be done.. and in our home that's completely fine. I tell Tim that I'm really not motivated and we do something fun as a family instead - we change dinner plans, head to the park or the beach and then I try again the next day. It's all about learning to be easy on yourself - and that's not an easy task in itself.


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