Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Photo organising

Today I am sharing a little bit about how I organise photos on our computer. Don't get too excited - it's super simple. I have seen lots of people make folders per month which I think is a wonderful idea! I don't have those folders, but that is only because my computer automatically sorts photos loaded by their date.

Here's a screenshot of the folders I have on my desktop ready for when I upload photos. As I load photos from my camera I delete any double ups or photos that I don't want to keep. I then place them into the relevant folders, delete them from the camera and back them up to an external hard drive.

The first folder 'I love you because' is simply a place for me to store our yearly 'I love you because' messages. Every year in February Tim and I take the time to send each other a message with a reason we love each other. We do this each day for the 14 days leading up to Valentines Day. It is one of the most beautiful things we do in our marriage each year. We had done it for the kids for a few years, but decided that it was important that we tell each other why we loved each other as well. These screenshots of our text messages are like gold to me and I often look back over them.

The second folder 'Inspiration' holds screenshots of things I have found inspiring on the world wide web. They are obviously screen shots from my Iphone uploads, not from the Canon. On gloomy days or days that I'm needing inspiration - this is the folder I flick through.

The third folder 'Iphone photos to be printed' is just that. I load all the photos from my phone into this folder ready for printing. Before they are moved from iPhoto into this folder I delete our double ups and random selfies taken by the kids - true story! They love a good selfie. Once printed, photos from this folder move to the 'printed' folder.

The fourth folder 'Our album' is home to all the photos taken on my Canon that have been sorted and are ready for printing. They only live in this folder until they are sent for printing.  

The fifth folder 'Printed' is the place that photos are moved to once they have been sent for printing through Big W photos online. Once they get to this stage I pick them up from Big W and put the photos into our Project Life albums. They are then backed up onto an external device and I don't do anything more with them - other than look back over them from time to time.

The sixth folder 'Project Life 8x8' is where I upload my digital Project Life layouts (from my phone) that are ready for printing.

The seventh folder 'Recipes' is for saving the screenshots (from my phone) of good recipes I have seen online. When I am wanting to add something different to my weekly meal planner, I normally look here.

The eight folder 'Videos' is for all our Iphone Video uploads.

The ninth folder 'Wants' is full of things I have seen online that I put on my birthday/Christmas wish list. 

 And the last folder 'Weightloss' is for my weightloss progress photos that I take. It's not a pretty folder haha.

That's it! Nothing to fancy - but a place for everything. The thing I like best about having a 'To print' and 'printed' folder is that you always know where you are up to with photos for albums.

My best advice for photo storing would be to upload photos from your mobile phone and camera as often as possible (I try weekly/fortnightly), make sure you are backing up your photos regularly and most importantly - when you do an upload, delete the photos you don't want to keep straight away. Don't move photos into folders until they are sorted.

The folders are ordered randomly because I have them saved in order of folder name. I hope this helps a little bit or gives you some inspiration for what might work best for you.

If you have any ideas that you think will help others with photo sorting - please share the advice!

We're half way through the week and getting closer to Friday's happy hour. Hope it's a beautiful day x


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