Monday, 12 January 2015

The List of Three

Over the last few weeks you will have noticed that I have been sharing 'my list of three' daily on our Facebook page. A number of readers have sent me emails/messages asking more about the way this works in our house and so today I thought I would answer as many of those questions as I could.

I started using the 'list of 3' when my to do list was getting longer and longer each day, I was achieving very little and I had become overwhelmed with where to start. Everyday I now pick three of the most important things I need to get done in the day - and I focus on getting them done. I try to be smart with the three things I choose to do. If I have one thing on the list that I know is going to take me some time to complete then I make sure that the other two things are less time consuming. As an example - if I had 'organise the walk in wardrobe' on my list I would choose two smaller jobs like call the bank and put an extra load of washing in. This stops me from setting unrealistic goals and becoming overwhelmed.

The list of three has really helped me to stay on top of the house in the last few weeks and that long list of things that I started with is now getting smaller.

I have a 'Master List' that I check before I choose my list of three things each night ready for the next day. 

My master list is:
- Check homemade lunchbox snacks (Do I need to make more?)
- How much homemade bread is left in the freezer? (Do we need another loaf made?)
- Are my smoothie packs running low? (Do I need to make up a few more bags?)
- Is my Project Life printing up to date? (Do I need to send more layouts for printing?)
- Have I taken my weeks video of the boys? (This year I'm trying to film little bits of the boy's days to make into a clip for them)
- Have I taken the boy's weekly photo?

If any of the above need to be done - they go on the list first. Having lunchbox snacks and bread made is far more important than me sorting a cupboard. It also keeps me on track with lunches and stops the late night frenzy of trying to find something for the boy's lunch boxes the next day.

My list of three is in addition to the dishes and washing (unless I fall behind with bedding). It is a part of my daily routine that I do dishes and washing as I wake up in the morning as well as just before bed.

Every evening as part of my bedtime 'routine' I write my list of three things to do for the next day. The lovely Amy from Paper Blossom Creations created a 8 x 10 printable for me that I framed and put up on my office wall. Because it is framed behind glass I can write straight on to the glass each night using a whiteboard marker. 

The EXCITING NEWS is that Amy has these printables for you to purchase in two different designs if you would like your own. For $10 (including postage) one of these prints will be printed and posted to your door.

It was really, really tricky to photograph these prints in their frames because of the glare in our office, but here is a quick sneak peak into the two versions.

The first is pink and gold and a little luxurious (it is more pink in real life): 

 And the second is blue and white polkadots:

If you would like to order your own, and before you know it you'll have your own 'List of Three' ready to frame and place somewhere in your home.

Which is your favourite? Pink and gold or blue and white polkadot?

** I do not receive any money from the sale of these prints. I am simply sharing because I think they are super cute and they sure beat writing on scrap bits of paper each day!

Enjoy x


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  2. Hi Leanne,
    Can you tell me what's listed on the 2015 document on the wall next to the list of three please? It looks like something else that may help to keep me organised/focussed!! :)