Monday, 2 February 2015

A quick lunchbox idea

Last week I posted this post about our newest arrangement in the lunchbox and dinner making department. This past week was Tim's week to help with lunch boxes. He agreed to do the lunch boxes every other week as long as I didn't expect him to make everything himself from scratch. I'm a little fussy about what the kids eat and was nervous about this arrangement, but I decided to head to the shops first and have a look at some of the pre packaged goodies in store to see what I could find.

I came home with a list of things I would be happy for him to buy every second week and include in the boy's lunches. I'm not suggesting that these additions are the best options, but they are certainly options I am happy for my boys to eat.

- Buckwheat rice & grain squares with nuttelex and spread. The square's ingredients are wholegrain brown rice (82%), corn and wholegrain buckwheat and are our alternative to the traditional sandwich.

- Wholegrain original Sakata rice crackers

- Organic sultanas with no sulphites

- Fruit wise fruit straps. This one surprised me. They contain no added sugars, preservatives, colours or flavours. The ingredient list is 100% fruit (nothing added) and our boys love them because they look like the rollups that other kids have.

- Organic five am yoghurt. The ingredients list on these isn't too bad, but we will be swapping this one to a homemade coconut yoghurt mix as soon as we get the recipe down pat. The main reason behind this is that our youngest is mostly dairy free and will be starting Kindy mid next year.

- Fruit - always fruit. Any fruit.

- I snuck in a little homemade Anzac and sultana biscuit.

I feel better knowing that there are some good, quick options out there and have seen a number of different ideas over the past few weeks that I'll put together in a post to share with you soon. Everyone has different dietary needs - ours is no gluten and 80% of the time we try to be refined sugar, additive and preservative free. We made this lifestyle choice once we noticed that food was having a big impact on our boys. Since changing our diet we have seen a dramatic improvement in the kid's health and that is what is important to us. You will still find us out having 'naughty' treats from time to time though and I'll never feel guilty about that. Our rule is 80/20 and we are happy with that balance.

There isn't a single day that goes by that I don't learn something new about nutrition - our next challenge is to include more and more vegetables into the boy's lunch boxes, but that won't be as easy! If you have any lunch box ideas, hints or tips - I'd love to hear them. I'm very, very new to this whole lunch box packing thing and have LOTS to learn.


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  4. I have just discovered your website/blog and LOVE it! Like the idea of sharing the lunch-box duties, and picking out some ready-made healthy snacks to do. We are supposed to do a packaging free lunch box, and it has to be nut-free so I am always looking for ideas. It seems to take me over an hour every evening so I am keen to 'share the load' with my partner - love that idea. Keep up the good work! Thanks