Saturday, 28 March 2015

An update.

 The boys are asleep and Tim has a couple of friends over for a movie – so I’ve ducked into the office (between marking student exams) to update you on what has been happening during the blog silence.

The last post that I wrote was in the last few weeks of February. I didn’t plan on taking a break from the blog but as the days ticked past without writing blog posts, I got into the habit of not blogging.

During that time, I started to question whether I wanted to blog anymore. So much has happened in the blogging world over the past month that I started to wonder whether I really wanted to get back into writing posts and sharing snippets from our home. I have been fortunate to have such lovely blog readers who have only ever been supportive of me – but to watch other bloggers be pulled to shreds was a little unsettling.

I love technology, I really do, but one of the downsides of it is that keyboard warriors have been born.  Technology and social media can bring out the worst in people. Some people have forgotten about the morals and values that they taught their own children. Advice as simple as remembering that everyone is fighting their own battle or advice about not saying anything if you have nothing nice to say.

All of a sudden people have become experts in other peoples lives and they spend most their time and energy focused on giving advice and their opinion to others instead of focusing on what is happening in their own life. It boggles my mind. Wouldn’t the world be so much more pleasant if we focussed on what we had control over in our own life rather than focussing on what everyone else was doing “wrong” in theirs?

I could waste all day on this topic, but at the end of the day... Bullying is not ok – and it’s even more ‘not ok’ when you are an adult. I’d assume that most of what is said online would not be said if people were talking face to face. There is nothing more beautiful than when you see mums supporting other mums – we need more of it!

Moving on.

Since my last post lots has happened around here. Tim went on a three week holiday to Ireland to visit his brother, we had some crazy weather, my brother got engaged and I completed lots of odd jobs around the house.

Tim loved Ireland! And I loved the lessons that I learnt while he was in Ireland. It was the first time since Hunter was born that Tim had been away for longer than a week. During the three weeks I did everything I normally would do – fulltime work, drop offs and pick-ups and the night time wake up shifts and then I did things that I normally didn’t have to do as well. I am someone that enjoys a quiet and simple life – and so I did enjoy the early nights and the strict routine we stuck to while he was away. I had the house under control and I was able to get a few jobs that had been on my list for a while done too. I survived! And I surprised myself doing it.

While we were on opposite sides of the world we had some time to reflect on our marriage. We will celebrate 7 years of marriage this year and when we looked back on the past 7 years we realised just how much we had crammed into those 7 years. My dream has always been to be a young mum and to be able to be at home more once our youngest starts Prep. It’s a little backwards to what most people wish for, but we plan on doing our traveling once the boys are old enough to enjoy the traveling with us and I’d also love the opportunity to be able to be available to help with homework and attend school events/after school sports once my boys start to get older (and busier). It is for this reason that I am working fulltime now – we call it our 3 year goal.

In the past 7 years we purchased and moved into our current house, I started teaching and Tim accepted two promotions. We then fell pregnant with our eldest 10 months after we got married. I struggled through hyperemesis, countless hospital stays during pregnancy (for rehydration), preeclampsia and then a scary birth. Our eldest had a number of health issues as a baby that kept us on our toes. He was very unsettled and didn’t sleep much until he was 18 months old. It was around that time that he had his first operation and not long after that he had his second. In that time we fell pregnant with our second child. I again had hyperemesis and this time more hospital visits – some for rehydration and others for threatened miscarriages and pre term complications. Our youngest was born beautifully, but taken to special care to monitor some concerns. He was readmitted into hospital at 6 days old when we discovered he had laryngomalacia and severe reflux. This time around I was put on medication to allow me to breastfeed him for the first year. It was a crazy start to our marriage. We felt beyond blessed that we had two ‘healthy’ boys (and each other), but we were also weary from the crazy start that both our boys had to life.

Since then we have ironed out most of the health concerns (both boys have one more operation to have in the near future, but nothing serious) and we have become fairly strict with our diets. We are now all gluten free and the youngest is dairy free as well. We get a full nights sleep most nights and both the boys are thriving. Our eldest is excelling at school and is just the most gentle and understanding little guy around and our youngest - the red haired pocket rocket - adores his day care teacher, lives for outdoor play and is the funniest kid on the block. The chaos has come to an end and we feel like we are able to come up for air again. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t make a comment about how truly lucky we are and how ‘perfect’ life is for us. Whilst we haven’t had anything significant or traumatic happen in our family, and we understand how much worse other families have had to deal with, the last seven years have been a little crazy for us – and it was while Tim was in Ireland that we realised this.

We have made some new marriage resolutions and are concentrating on spending more time alone together - now that it is possible. Every Thursday we drop both boys at my parents after work, they have dinner there and then we enjoy a coffee together for an hour or two before we pick them up. We have also planned our first weekend away (alone) for a few weekends time and are really looking forward to that. I couldn't have done the past 7 years without Tim and his support and it's time to celebrate more of each other. 

Here are some cool marriage related pins that I have been pinning to my Pinterest board:
Speaking of marriage - last weekend we joined my brother, his girlfriend and her family at this beautiful property. It was insanely beautiful!

 And the Facebook status I shared captures what the weekend was all about:

On our way home after a jam packed weekend! Two 3am starts and two nights in bed after midnight but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. My brother asked his beautiful girlfriend to marry him and she said yes! We had the privilege of sneaking around and setting this up while my brother got ready to ask the big question. Is there anything more special than watching someone you grew up with falling in love? Such a special weekend!

Such excitement! So that's a little about what has been happening behind the scenes. I have a few posts that I'll be sharing in the next week or two - one about some cool new baby products and another written by a guest blogger! Along with that I will share our new medicine storage, the change we have made in the playroom and dining room and some other tips and trick posts.

It's nice to be back. I'm very ready for the holidays!

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