Monday, 22 June 2015

A Command Centre

During a recent organising discussion on Facebook, Rebecca shared her Command Centre with us and EVERYONE fell in love with it. There were so many questions about it and so many people that wanted to know more that I asked Rebecca to do a post for us (and lucky for us - she said yes!). 

If you love this post and want to see more of Rebecca's organising masterpieces, she has started an Instagram account that you can follow by searching 'Organising_my_home'

I know you are going to love this post. Thanks Rebecca!

Welcome! Thank you to Leanne for asking me to be a guest blogger and share details of my Command Centre. I am Rebecca... a wife, a mum and a person who is trying to live a more organised and practical life.

After months of deciding, persuading (husband), negotiating the layout (husband) and waiting for items to be in stock, we were finally able to start putting it up.  As soon as I came across the letter bins from Pottery Barn, I fell in love with them and knew that i wanted to base our layout around them. We made a list of what we would actually use the area for and how to make it work on a daily basis. Here is a  list of what our area includes and where the products were purchased.

Large whiteboard - Officeworks
3 x letter bins / 3 x top display rods - Pottery Barn

(Top left frame) Dry erase A3 monthly 'Calendar' - ATP Creative Designs
(Top right frame) Dry erase A4 'Dates to Remember' - ATP Creaitve Designs
(bottom left frame) Dry erase A4 weekly 'Family Planner' - ATP Creaitve Designs
(bottom right frame) A4 personalised family quote - ATP Creaitve Designs
1 x Office Organiser / 1 x top display rod - Pottery Barn
2 x Letter Bins / 2 x top display rod - Pottery Barn

Left Wall Detail:
The whiteboard is the main hub of our Centre. This is where my husband and I jot down anything and everything! From grocery items we think of, to-do lists, reminders, short term & long term house jobs that need completing, upcoming events  etc. Back when I was first designing this area, I had only pictured an A3 sized whiteboard. My husband wanted a LARGE one, and you know what? we certainly NEED one this size. With us both always scribbling away on it, I'm really
glad I compromised and let him make this one decision.  

The three letter bins underneath the whiteboard are designated for our three children. We have a son in prep, a son who goes to Daycare two days a week and a daughter who recently turned one. While she doesn't get any use out of the zone just yet, the boys certainly do. They know this is where their hat and bags belong. Any drawings our son does at daycare gets put straight in his pocket above his bag. Our son in prep knows to unpack his bag as soon as he gets home, with his homework folder, newsletter, notes getting organised into his pockets also. His library book/bag along with his school banking booklet, is kept in this zone also. 

Right Wall Detail:
Keeping this area practical, I wanted to include a calendar and some sort of menu plan. This is when i came across a lady who creates exactly this, but in a dry/erase product. Perfect! Easy to write up at the start of each week/month and to also make any necessary changes along the way. I have taken a closer photo of these. The calendar and family quote frames need no explanation, however i'll quickly explain the others. I love the 'Date to Remember' frame. This shows a yearly view of Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. The weekly family planner is used to show an overview of the boys week. There is also a column for 'Lunchbox' as a guideline for lunch ideas. Lastly is the menu plan column, which helps to organise our grocery list for the upcoming week.  

The Office Organiser is where the white board markers, biro's, notepad, car and house keys etc belong. The two Letter Bins below this are used as our personal folders, holding all our mail, bills, paperwork to be filed etc and also a home for our iPads. 

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my Command Centre and reading how it works for us. I am so glad we made this designated area in our house and believe it can only encourage the children to grow up understanding that everything has a place and we need to do our best to keep things where they belong... something I am only becoming good at these days myself :)


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