Saturday, 20 June 2015

An Art Party

A quick look into our son's 5th birthday party in the theme: Art Party. If I don't address all the details you need, send me a message and I will update the post as soon as I can.

It was the first time we had had a piñata and we went slightly over the top with the 'fillings'. When I say slightly, I really mean majorly over the top! That piñata was so full that it had packets of maltesers falling out of its bottom and the kids couldn't crack it open - daddy had to step in and give it a good smack at the end.

The kid's all took home a 'take home artist pack'. Younger siblings were given a jumbo stackable crayon, an animal balloon and some party blowers. I purchased the canvases and paintbrushes from Kmart, the paint and mini paint tube erasers from the reject shop and the palettes from Coles. The colour samples were from Bunnings.

We set up a painting station for the kids to paint at and they did a magnificent job. I think I'll try and find a spot in the playroom to hang the finished product.

 Excuse the picture from my phone, but here is the finished product.

We hired a balloon twister and face painter which was the best decision we made. It was absolutely fabulous and the kids loved having their faces painted and getting balloon characters to take home. I wish I could share the photo of all of them with their faces painted so that you can see how amazing the artwork was, but it's important to me that I don't share them on here. 

Here is one of the princesses that was made though - adorable, right?! You should have seen the butterflies and fish! Of course, most of the boys stuck to balloon swords ha!

The food had to be kept super simple this year because we had minimal time on our hands. We went to Tim's parents for dinner last night and while I was there we made the oreo pops and the LCM paint brushes, then when we got home at 10pm we did the rest of the prep for this morning. I took photos of everything, so as always - here is a photo overload of the party table... hopefully it gives you a glimpse into the food and smaller details.

Like I said, I've kept this post short and sweet so that I can get to bed before our little guy stirs. If you spot something that you would like more information about, just yell and I'll add it in for you.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on Facebook! It's always so much fun to share party set ups with you.



  1. Love all the attention to detail. Amazing party! Would love to know where the glass jars for the jelly are from?

  2. Fantastic job Leanne!! I love the theme, my miss 6 loves Mr Maker too! What a couple of weeks you've had!!

  3. You wouldnt even know you threw this together and the eleventh hour. So clever..well done!!

  4. WOW!! What an ART-astic birthday theme! LOVE IT! High 5 for making it happen with all the other things that are happening with your little family! Cruz is very lucky! :)

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