Saturday, 6 February 2016

What is in my handbag?

As you all already know, I am particularly picky about what products I choose to review when offered. For me to do a review I always have to make sure that the product is something that I would actually use myself and I need to think that it would be useful for some (not all) readers. Bellhop Bags emailed me to introduce their product and I was kindly sent a set of files to trial. Over the past few weeks I have been using the files in my handbag and I love them!

There are 4 files in each set of bags and you can choose what each file is used for. I chose 'Personal' (Lip balm, deodorant and pads), 'Essentials' (a note pad, pens and mints), 'Toys' (cars, flashcards, a notebook and pencils) and 'Change' (2 nappies, wipes and a spare set of undies). You could obviously choose your file names based on what you pack in your handbag.

When the files are packed into my handbag along with my Simplified Planner and wallet, this is what it looks like..

It is now SO easy to find what I am looking for. If I need to send H to the change room with Tim I can just give him the 'Change' file and it has everything ready to go. You can take one or all files with you when you head out - the 'Toys' file will be a hit with the boys.

If you would like to have a look at the two different colour combinations (red or blue), head on over to To keep up to date with specials and new products on their Facebook page, click here.

A set of Bellhop Files retails at $39, but they have kindly offered my readers a 15% discount by using the code 'ORGANISING4' .

For more information, read below x


  1. great idea!!! what about the gorgeous white bag??

  2. I have been trying these out too and love them! Definitely making those early morning kinder trips a bit more organised :-)

    Love to know where your white bag is from too!!

  3. Love this idea, and think your website is fab! So much inspiration! Thanks for the post. Thinking of getting one of each colour and alternate the colours between myself and hubby (2 of each colour each). For my husband for his sports bag (his whole life is in that bag). Then I will have the others for my handbag.

  4. Seriously - I truly adore how darn organised you are xx

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