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Hi! I’m Leanne, a lover of a simplified life and making memories with my family. I have been happily married for the past 10 years and have two darling boys aged eight and five.  

You could say I had an interesting childhood – I was born in South Africa and was fortunate to have two housekeepers take care of our family from 6am to 6pm everyday. My family and I moved to Australia when I was in my teens and like many teenagers I was messy and disorganised. Tim and I married young and had our first son after only one year of marriage, this coupled with me starting out my teaching career meant for a hectic beginning to our married life. During these early years I felt thrown in the deep end of motherhood, housekeeping and my career. I worked extremely hard to maintain routines and systems that could help me whilst working full time - those were tough days.  

It was then in early 2012 after researching better ways to run our home and live life that I launched my blog Organising the 3 of Us. Over the past six years I have shared my hints and tips across a number of mediums (Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Project 14 groups and YouTube videos to name a few), all with the hope of helping other busy mums. There is definitely more to life than housework and my top priorities are making memories with my family and investing in meaningful relationships. I would love you to follow along with me on this journey of life. Feel free to drop me an email and say Hi - I would love to hear what inspires you and what drives you to live your best life.   

Talk soon,  

Leanne. x