The Leanne Baker Daily (LBD) is the ultimate tool to planning and organising your life. 

 Leanne’s mission is the help women find balance, make memories and to live with intention, it is with that in mind that the LBD Planners were created and Leanne’s dream of helping others was realised.  

We offer Daily & Weekly planner layouts, a Teacher Planner, notepads, meal planners, shopping lists and lots of matching accessories. There’s something for everyone.

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The Leanne Baker Daily (LBD) Planner perfectly combines the benefits of a daily diary with the ability to plan and organise your everyday throughout the year. The LBD Daily Planner contains many unique features including monthly overviews, monthly goal setting, weekly meal planning, habit tracking and daily pages that allow you to effectively plan out your day. This is the original LBD Planner and one that Leanne dreamt of creating. Are you a lover of daily planning - this planner could be for you! 


Each day has a designated space for writing out your list of three - an easy to manage to do list, time allocations for appointments and time driven activities, morning, afternoon and evening spaces to allocate tasks to and most importantly a section focused on self-care and a reminder to take time just for you. If you have a number of action items and appointments each day and need to track your busy schedule, the LBD Daily Planner is the tool for you. It is your one stop shop for planning your personal life, work life or a combination of the two and is everything you need to simplify your 2020. 


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The LBD Weekly Planner was released to purchase for the first time in 2019. The Weekly Planner is something that we have worked hard at perfecting and are very excited to deliver this product. 

The LBD Weekly Planner was created to contain elements that are key to Leanne’s way of planning such as the monthly overview, monthly goal setting, weekly meal planning and the habit tracker but it also incorporates additional features. The weekly layout contains as much space as possible for you to record your daily appointments and tasks. Similarly to the LBD Daily Planner, the layout of the day is separated into morning, afternoon and evening sections. This allows you to focus on one task at a time and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the total number of tasks for your day. Our Weekly Planners have Monday - Friday across two pages, with Saturday and Sunday on the next page. Your daily list of three can be viewed on the same pages and can be used when planning out action items for the week. On the opposite page to your weekend is a notes and ideas page. This page can be used as a shopping list, meal planner or for notes you have taken throughout the week. In addition to these features yearly goal setting pages and finance and budgeting pages have been incorporated into the LBD Weekly Planner to assist you keep on track of your big picture and financial goals. 

We are hoping that the LBD Weekly Planner is just the tool you need to help make 2020 your best year to date! 

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