Do you ever feel like life could be simpler? Do you need to save time and money? Then Project 14 is the answer for you.  

Project 14 is an online course that discusses how Leanne organises, declutters and simplifies her home and in turn her life. It is a 14 day paid project run in a private Facebook group. Each day a different topic is explained in detail and Leanne shares a live video on her tips and also takes you on a tour of the space in her home.  



Topics and spaces that are covered within Project 14 include:  

  • Morning and evening routines 

  • Wardrobes 

  • Master bedrooms 

  • Kids bedrooms 

  • Kitchen and living spaces

  • Bathrooms

  • Laundry systems

  • Office spaces

  • Self care

  • Being productive 

Project 14 was started in May 2016, with the first project having just over 50 members; current groups have around 600 to 700 members per round. Past members have found that one of the many advantages of taking part in Project 14 is the groups shared goal of working on their home and lives at the same time. There is strength in tackling a project together and the companionship that spurs you on to tackle more and more within you home and life. Topics are discussed and often members gain additional ideas from others within the group. Many people that have completed Project 14 sign up for subsequent projects to continue working on their home, it can be a wonderful way of focusing your energy on your home and yourself for 14 days.  

If you are feeling overwhelmed, out of routine, looking for a way to spend more time with your family or on a journey to a more simplified life then Project 14 might be the answer for you. Project 14 runs from the 1st of January each year, an additional two projects run per year (subject to Leanne’s availability) the timing of these vary each year. To register and participate in upcoming projects keep an eye on Organising the Four of Us (hyperlink) on Facebook.  

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Project 14 2.0: 


Does your home need new routines to run smoothly or do your current routines need refining? Would you like to find your sense of purpose or pursue your passion? Project 14 2.0 is for you! 

Project 14 2.0 is an online course that is based around the systems and routines of your home, while focusing on self care and pursuing your passion. Similar to Project 14 it is a paid project run in a private Facebook group. This project runs for four and a half weeks and there is a set task/topic covered every Monday, Thursday and Sunday during the project. On task days Leanne shares a live video talking through the topic and what works well in her life. Leanne is active within the group for the four and a half weeks to answer questions and discuss topics, this is your opportunity to ask questions and hear from Leanne. Project 14 2.0 can be completed as a follow on to Project 14 or you can choose to complete it as a standalone. 


Topics covered in Project 14 2.0 include: 

  • Finding a sense of purpose 

  • Creating a vision/inspiration board

  • Mapping out your week

  • Getting back to basics

  • Meal Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Making decluttering a habit 

  • Creating a cleaning schedule 

  • Pursuing your passion 

  • Choosing affirmations 

  • Self care 

  • Being clear on your priorities  

  • PLUS tackling two spaces within your home – these are your choice. 

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Similarly to Project 14, members of Project 14 2.0 often feel inspired at tackling the project as a group and the sharing of ideas brings improved success of their long term goals. It is for this reason, recommended that you tackle the project at the same time as your peers where possible. If however you are not able to you can choose to work through the tasks when you do have the time. Your membership within the private Facebook group continues after the project completion date so that you may view discussion posts and continue interacting with members. Additionally the videos can be watched as many times as you like following the end of the project.   

By the end of the project you will have tackled two spaces in your house, worked on your cleaning routine, meal planning and budgeting as well as learnt the importance of taking care of you! Project 14 2.0 is run twice a year (subject to Leanne’s availability). To register and participate in upcoming projects keep an eye on Organising the Four of Us (hyperlink) on Facebook.  

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