“I am just so in love with Leanne’s laundry system that I can’t not gush about it. If you haven’t implemented it or seriously entertained the idea I truly urge you to! Revolutionary ... When I first saw it I didn’t even entertain the idea because so many of our clothes belong in drawers. But while I’m slowly converting everything to hanging it is still so much quicker even with a lot of things that need to be put away into drawers!

Here are my fav things about it:

• incredible time saver

• laundry can be done no matter the weather or time of day/night if hanging indoors! 

• the family all know where to find something they’re needing and can grab it without even going outside 

• no more unfolded baskets of washing lying around getting creased

• the kids now play their part in the laundry, checking and emptying their underwear baskets each night 

• laundry can be put away with a child on your hip!! 

• decrease in ironing! 

I’m yet to find a negative, and thats with cramming hanging racks into my tiny laundry, but don’t mind one bit! Doing the washing is no longer a drag!”

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Leanne Baker

“Leanne has given me the tools I need to get my house into order. Not only has decluttering helped make my home look great but it has also had a flow in effect to other parts of my life like being able to spend more time with my kids, not buying unnecessary items, making cooking easier, clearing my head of anxiety and giving me back some time for family and friends! I would love an App though that had my lists, zone cleaning, budget, place to store recipes etc! Big dream!”

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Leanne Baker

“Leanne, I've never met you but i feel like you are a close friend. Your resources especially the LBD and Project 14 have made such a difference to my life (and probably saved my marriage) thank you so much for everything you do!”

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Leanne Baker